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  most Americans having full coverage, they're paying around $212 a month. And with insurance rates going up, the average American is seeing their bill go up somewhere between $42, $45 per month, which honestly, that's annoying. That's a lot of money. But I have to say this, and I say this with the most empathy possible, if this $42 to $45 increase is causing you to go into crisis mode as opposed to just inconvenience mode,

John Deloney says all the time, we have to choose reality. We have to look at the reality in our situation. And when it comes to this insurance, there are things that play a part in it. You know,

where you live, the climate of where you live. If you live in Kansas and there's tornadoes or you live where there's wildfires, you are gonna have an insurance bump. If you live somewhere where auto theft is high, you're gonna see that bump. So you do have to understand that these things play a role. If you live in an area where there's a lot of uninsured motorists on the road, you're gonna see that bump in insurance. And so you just have to understand the reality of that. But the biggest reality, David, is how we choose to possess our vehicles. And you have to understand that the people who are leasing cars that are fine

financing cars, they are going to pay higher insurance premiums than the people who have paid cash and have paid for vehicles


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