Is Health Insurance A Scam?


 Let's say I'm following a patient's tumor size. We need an MRI to see how the tumor is behaving. The insurance company will deny it. I will call them. I will say the patient needs why? Because of this. Did you get a CAT scan first? No, they don't need a CAT scan. They need an MRI. No, they do. And I have to argue for 45 minutes. Guess what? I don't get paid for as a doctor. Well, for me, I'm a weird scenario, but everyone else. If you're a lawyer, are you doing anything for 45 minutes without getting compensated? I don't find that doctors will call.

Most doctors will try and then we fail. So then we start trying to hire administrators to do it for us. And that is why healthcare costs have ballooned in this country. I see. Our healthcare costs have doubled, tripled. Doctors should be making way more money. They're not. I order an antibiotic. I don't know which tablets, capsules, the patient's insurance denies the visit because I didn't put the right code or this and that. I'm a doctor. I do science. I do the body. I don't do codes, but now you have to become like a business person, a lawyer, a doctor all in one. Again, the objective of the insurance company is not to pay.


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